3rd Time’s A Charm! What Our Favorite Authors Are Reading

As promised, here is Part 3!

Ellen Meister author of Farewell, Dorothy Parker

Reading now- “I’m reading AFTER I’M GONE by Laura Lippman and it’s 100% wonderful–the characters, the story, the language. I can’t get enough of it.”

Next up- IS THIS TOMORROW by the wonderful Caroline Leavitt

Working on- “I just finished a new book–DOROTHY PARKER DRANK HERE. It will be published by Putnam this February, and I’m incredibly excited to share it.”




Amy Shearn author of The Mermaid Of Brooklyn

Reading now- “Not to be a total Brooklyn cliche but to be honest I’m reading My Struggle, the Karl Ove Knausgaard novel that every human on the F train is reading right now. The lovely novelist Hilary Reyl recommended it when she did my reading series Lit at Lark last February and I’m just now getting around to it. She was right – the way Knausgaard writes about parenthood and writing are second-to-none. Just before that I read Jenny Offill’s astounding Department of Speculation for my book group — I loved it.

Next up- Gift from the Sea, by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. Does everyone else already know about this book? I just picked it up at the charming Half Moon Books in Kingston, NY, and couldn’t believe that 1) I never knew Charles Lindbergh’s wife was a writer, 2) one of her books was this lyrical reflection on writing and family, and 3) I encountered this book just before I go to spend a week at the seaside with my family. This book and I were meant to be, I think! But also, the TBR stack is teetering with great new books: Claire Vaye Watkins’ Battleborn, James Browning’s The Fracking King, Andrew Lewis Conn’s O, Africa, not to mention Julie Schumacher’s forthcoming novel Dear Committee Members...

Working on- “I’m now working on a couple different projects — the upcoming publication of a novella written by my late grandmother (The Little Bastard, Anchor & Plume Press), a children’s book I’m collaborating on with my kids, and a novel about a librarian and a haunted house, tentatively titled The Keeping Room.”



twitter- @amyshearn

Amanda Eyre Ward author of Close Your Eyes

Reading now- What I Had Before I Had You by Sarah Cornwall

Next up- Redeployment by Phil Klay

Working on- “My new book, Homecoming, will be out in February!”



twitter- @amandaeyreward

Marcy Dermansky author of Bad Marie

Reading now- “I just finished Jillian Medoff’s I Couldn’t Love You More. What a melodrama. It is perhaps the definition of a beach read, replete with the image of a sandcastle on the cover. By the end of the book, I couldn’t put it down. What I appreciated most was the way Medoff got into the head of the main character Eliot, mother of one four-year old girl and stepmother to two older girls. The intensity of her thoughts, how deeply she loved, and how hard she debated every little thing that she did. Something about this novel struck me as so incredibly and sometimes painfully true.”

Next up- “So many books. The Holocaust novel my mother bought me for my birthday, Trieste by Croatian writer Dasa Drndic. Two debut novels: Julia Fierro’s Cutting Teeth and Mira Jacob’s The Sleepwalker’s Guide to Dancing. Emma Straub’s The Vacationers. The Last Illusion by Porochista Khapour. Or, whatever gets handed to me next that sounds good.”

Working on- “I am working on a new novel. It is taking much too long, perhaps because I am also raising a small child and working steadily as a development editor, helping other writers with their novels.”



twitter- @mdermansky

Maddie Dawson author of The Opposite Of Maybe

Reading now- “I’m right now indulging in re-reading Laurie Colwin’s A Big Storm Knocked It Over, a wonderful, funny, warm, insightful novel about Jane Louise, who works in publishing and is in love with her new husband Teddy, and who gets pregnant and finds herself adjusting to a new world of motherhood and marriage. It’s a soft, happy, insightful novel about how people really do think and act, written by an author who died much too soon but who championed stories of happiness and families. (After reading so many novels lately with deep secrets and heartaches, I am basking in love.)”

Next up- ” Can’t wait to read Grand Central, a collection of stories all taking place in Grand Central Station on one day at the end of World War II. So many of my favorite author pals wrote stories for this book–and the book just came out, and I can’t wait to dig in!”

Working on- “I’m working on a novel called Until You Called Me, which is about a woman who was adopted as a newborn and is obsessed with finding her birth mother and the family she has always dreamed about having. In the meantime, she’s helping to raise her lover’s troubled teenagers.”



twitter- @maddiedawson1

Kristina McMorris author of The Pieces We Keep

Reading now- A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams and Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt 

Next up- The Moon Sisters by Therese Walsh and The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult

Working on- ” My next book is set in San Francisco in the 1930s. It’s a bit different from my past novels, which are typically set during WWII, but once again inspired by an obscure true account. I’m so excited about the story and can’t wait to share more as the release date gets closer!”



twitter- @KrisMcmorris

Nichole Bernier author of The Unfinished Work Of Elizabeth D.

Reading now- “I’m on a bender reading books about oppressive regimes and living situations for my next novel. But right now I’m taking a break and reading SHARP OBJECTS by Gillian Flynn, a whole different kind of dark.”

Next up- THE ORPHAN MASTER’S SON  by Adam Johnson and BEHIND THE BEAUTIFUL FOREVERS by Katherine Boo.



twitter- @NicholeBernier

Christina Baker Kline author of Orphan Train

Reading now- “EUPHORIA, by my dear friend Lily King

Next up- WE ARE CALLED TO RISE, by Laura McBride

Working on- “I’m working on a new novel inspired by the iconic American painting CHRISTINA’S WORLD — from the perspective of Christina, the woman in the pink dress.”



twitter- @bakerkline

Lynn Schnurnberger author of The Best Laid Plans

Reading now- “I just finished Joanna Rakoff’s My Salinger Years, which I loved–a must for anyone interested in publishing, getting started in a career, or looking back at a post-Mad Men era which still fascinates. Rakoff captures it all–plus the magic of meeting the great and mysterious wizard of teen angst, Salinger.”

Next up- “I’ve just started Emma Staub’s The Vacationers and she’s already pulled me in. Looking forward to spending the next week with Staub and her characters in coastal Spain, as they deal with life’s quandries–managing adulterous husbands, gay adoption, burgeoning teen romance and the eternal question of what to have for dinner.”

Working on- “I’ve just finished a new book with my writing partner Janice Kaplan,  The 98 Percent Marriage will announce pub date soon.”



Joshua Henkin author of The World Without You

Reading now- Arcadia by Lauren Groff, Bridge of Sighs by Richard Russo, and The Empathy Exams by Leslie Jamison.

Next up-  Remember Me Like This by Bret Anthony Johnston

Working on- “Right now I’m working on two different novels and a few short stories. Sometimes I fear that working on enough different things is a way of working on nothing at all, but at least the pages are piling up. The novel that I’m spending the bulk of my time on is now 1300 pages long and still going. That’s generally my process: I write a couple thousand pages and then try to find the novel lying in all that mess.”



twitter- @JoshuaHenkin

When you’re finished with these let me know and I’ll send more titles.

Happy Reading!!









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