What Our Favorite Authors Are Reading This Summer-Extended Play


In case you’ve read everything on your summer list, here are some more winners to keep you going all summer long.

Anthony Breznican author of Brutal Youth

Reading now- “ Kaui Hart Hemmings THE POSSIBILITIES. It’s about a mother trying to put her life back together after her 22-year-old son dies in a skiing accident. She meets a young woman who’s a stranger to her, but was intimately close with her son. The story is laugh-out-loud hilarious, because the mother is trying to deal with her heartache with the kind of bravado you reserve for quickly tearing off band-aids. She’s blunt and unsentimental about grief, and the story is about trying to bridge the past and the future when you don’t have much present.”

Next up- ” I’m going to dive into Steve Brezenoff’s GUY IN REAL LIFE, a YA book about the slippery way we shape our identities when we’re young. You’ve got to figure out who you are before anyone can love you, but often we want it the other way around. From what I can tell, this novel explores technology and the anonymity it provides to tell a story about being careful about what you pretend to be.”

Working on- “E-mails. My personal writing is on hold while I do everything possible to get the word out about BRUTAL YOUTH. I’m a first-time novelist, but everyone with that title has only one dream: becoming a second-time novelist. I’d love to make this novel into a series, but right now I’m writing mainly to critics and book page editors in the hope of getting some ink for this dark coming-of-age tale of mine. I hope it makes people laugh. I hope it breaks their hearts, too. I hope, I hope.”



twitter- @breznican

Juliette Fay author of The Shortest Way Home

Reading now- The Painted Girls by Cathy Marie Buchanan

Next up- “I’m enjoying The Painted Girls so much I might just move on to Buchanan’s
The Day the Falls Stood Still. It’s either that or Off the Leash by
Matthew Gilbert.

Working on- “…a historical novel about a family of acrobats.”



twitter- @juliettefay

Melissa Senate author of The Love Goddess’ Cooking School

Reading now- ” EVERGREEN by Rebecca Rasmussen. Gorgeously written historical novel set in the wilds of Minnesota, about siblings who were separated and what happens when one finds the other.”

Next up- “OWEN’S DAUGHTER by Jo-Ann Mapson. Mapson has long been an auto-buy author for me. She writes it, I read it.”

Working on- “I’m in the idea stage of a new novel . . . For me, this process is magical and frustrating at the same time–frustrating because I feel the stir of something evocative and yesssss!-ish just beyond my grasp, about three generations of women, family connections, a century old family business and old family secrets, and the Maine coast, where I live. Magical because I feel that stir in the first place. Waiting and reading and thinking and pondering.”



twitter- @MelissaSenate


Judith Frank author of All I Love And Know

Reading now- “Susan Stinson’s Spider in a Tree, a historical novel about Jonathan Edwards and the Great Awakening, in 18th-century Northampton, MA. The subject matter might sound forbidding, but wow, this is a beautiful, luxuriant, generous-hearted novel. The historical feel is rich, textured, and believable, and I’m incredibly impressed by how Stinson pulls that off without calling attention to it; she settles into the novel’s idiom so completely and comfortably that all of its poetry feels utterly organic and true. The narrator inhabits the consciousness of Edwards himself, but also of his wife; his young nephew, whose father committed suicide in a moment of radical doubt during the Great Awakening; and his slave, Leah. The conflicts Stinson sets up – Edwards’ ambition (and his jealousy of the more charismatic Methodist preacher Whitefield), the slaves’ longing yet angry relations to the church, Elisha and Joe’s relation to their father’s suicide, Sarah’s love for and rebellion against her husband – are moving and complex.”

Next up- “Another historical novel by another western Massachusetts writer, Brookland, by Emily Barton, about a young woman in eighteenth-century Brooklyn who dreams of building a bridge across the East River to Manhattan. We have a lot of talent in this little part of the world!”

Working on – ” This summer has been largely taken up with promoting All I love and Know, which  came out just a few days ago (on July 15). And meanwhile, I’m trusting that those murky, underwater places in my mind will take me somewhere new.”



What are you enjoying this summer?


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