Favorite Authors Reading This Summer…


This series will most definitely morph into “what our favorite authors are reading this fall” but for now we’re still on summer. Luckily! Enjoy this latest installment.

Kate Manning author of My Notorious Life (0ut in paperback August 5th)

“…for your delirious celebration of books and writers and reading and literacy. It’s just contagious and inspiring, and may I say…crucial?” -K.M.

Reading now- “ Euphoria by Lily King, a drop-dead gorgeous novel, based on a real person. A complicated, extraordinary woman. It’s making me jealous, and also euphoric, because it’s so good. I hardly ever say that, because I’m the picky-eater of readers, so, coming from me, that’s a recommendation.”

Next up- “I want to re-read Martyr’s Crossing by my friend Amy Wilentz, set on the border between Israel and Palestine in the 90s. It’s a moving story that really pulls you in –and at the same time gives a context to the current conflict in Gaza. Also, here are two terrific novels I just finished:

What is Visible, by Kimberly Elkins. It’s based on the true story of Laura Bridgman, who was deaf, must and blind, but who gained the use of language–reading and writing –fifty years before Helen Keller. Rich history, amazing story, beautifully told. And then there’s In The Wolf’s Mouth, by a British writer, Adam Foulds, about World War Two. Foulds is a poet who’s been nominated for the Booker Award. He’s a beautiful stylist, and his old war stories have bearing on our own conflicts. I reviewed both of these for the Washington Post and am eager to recommend these writers and these two novels.”

Working on – “Lots of non-fiction, especially about the history of reproductive rights in the 19th century, some book reviews, bits of memoir. And…a new novel–but I am under orders from higher-ups (my boss/me/myself) not to talk about it or I will be forced to eat my words (and there are a lot of then, so, I’m really hoping not to do that).”


kate’s Facebook page

twitter- @KateManning10


Pamela Moses author of The Appetites Of Girls

Reading now- ” The Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline. Rereading sections of The Lowlands by Jhumpa Lahiri , whose stories and books I return to again and again.”

Up next- “Evergreen by Rebecca Rasmussen. Rebecca so very kindly wrote such a beautiful blurb for my book that I cried when I first read it; but will be reading Evergreen, not out of gratitude or a sense of obligation, but because I adored The Bird Sisters, her first book–it is just gorgeously written –and I have been waiting many months for Rebecca’s second novel!”

Working on- “At the moment, I am focusing on publicity for my first book, The Appetites Of Girls (published June 26th), though I though I have a fairly detailed outline for the second. I am one of those authors who prefers not to divulge much about a writing project in its earliest stages–not because I’m superstitious but because I find, in talking about it, I lose a bit of the magic that happens that happens when it’s still a secret. I can share that the book will be, in part, a love story. How’s that for vague!”




Amy Bloom author of Lucky Us ( on sale July 29th!)


“Am I having fits, between moving, unpacking and renovation on an old house and a book tour, so I will mostly be reading the backs of cereal boxes, when I can marshal my resources, all of the superb Val McDermid.”

(with permission from Amy to post )


Facebook page

twitter- @AmyBloomBooks 


Ellen Sussman author of A Wedding In Provence

Reading now- “Bobcat and Other Stories by Rebecca Lee . Best story collection I have read in a long while”

Up next- “A Replacement Life by Boris Fishman. I read this new novel in an early draft. It’s the literary hit of the season and I’m looking forward to a fresh read on it.”

Working on- “I have the first inkling of a new idea. I started a few months ago and trashed it –not big enough. Now I’ve taken a three month writing sabbatical to fill the well. And I’m getting eager to write again. This new idea feels deep and complicated and juicy. I can’t wait to dig in.”



twitter – @ellensussman


Jessica Anya Blau author of The Wonder Bread Summer

Reading now- “I’m always reading more than one book at once. I just finished Let Me See It by James Magruder which I blurbed, but I read it so long ago and it’s so fabulous that I wanted to reread it. I also just finished Love, Nina by Nina Stibbe, which is a completely charming story told in letters that Nina wrote home when she was a nanny. Last night I started and finished Nine Years Under by Sheri Booker, who is also charming. It’s about her tie working in a funeral home in Baltimore. I’m in the middle of Elizabeth Gilbert’s The Signature Of All Things and I expect to finish it any day now.”

Next up- “Susan Col’s new book, The Stager. It’s getting great reviews, so I can’t wait to dig into it.”

Working on- “I’m working on a novel that’s currently titled, The Problem With Lexie. The novel grew out of a short story that was published with Shebooks . The more I write, the more I veer away from the original ideas in the story. The central crisis is the same, however. When I was in the shower this morning, I thought of a way to make things even worse for Lexie, harder and more messed up. Poor Lexie, I’m really giving her a difficult time in this book: she’s about to lose her job, her lover and her self-respect. (Also, I plied her with enough tequila to knock out a gorilla!)”



twitter -@JessicaAnyaBlau


One of the best parts about doing this series has been learning about so many new (to me ) authors. And so the list grows…








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