Authors and Their Summer Reading

The overwhelming response to these posts about what our favorite authors are reading reminds me of how much readers and writers love to share what they are reading and how we can never have enough!

Kate Christensen author of Blue Plate Special: An Autobiography Of My Appetites

Reading now- “Stacks upon stacks of novels as one of three fiction judges for the Kirkus Prize. At the moment, I’m reading a riveting first novel about Chernobyl by Darragh McKeon called All That is Solid Melts into Air. In non-contest-related reading, I just finished a gorgeous forthcoming anthology called The Story I Want to Tell, with collected original work from students and teachers from the Telling Room here in Portland, Maine.”

Up next- “Next up on the award pile is Yiyun Li’s Kinder than Solitude and The Apartment by Greg Baxter. And in terms of non-contest work books, I’m sneaking in chunks of Sweetness #9.”

Working on- “A book about food and life in Maine called How to Cook a Moose.”

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Julie Buxbaum author of After You 

Reading now- “I just finished THE VACATIONERS by Emma Straub, which I greatly enjoyed, and I’ve just started THE LEMON GROVE by Helen Walsh. Oddly enough, both are set in Mallorca, so I think my subconscious is telling me it’s time to book a vacation to Spain. I’m also reading THE WILLPOWER INSTINCT by Kelly McGonigal, which some have promised will change my life. We’ll see about that.”

Up next- “I don’t know! My TBR pile is staggeringly high. Been meaning to dig into Laurie Moore’s BARK, which I bought a while back, but haven’t started yet because I wanted to have the free time to really savor it. And I love Richard Powers, so maybe ORFEO? My friend Ernessa Carter’s debut novel, THIRTY TWO CANDLES was great, and I’ve been meaning to read her next one THE AWESOME GIRL’S GUIDE TO DATING EXTRAORDINARY MEN. So many books, so little time!”

Working on- “I just finished writing my first YA novel, which was a really amazing experience. But it’s funny how quickly the relief from finishing one project gives way to terror when you realize you need to come up with a whole new idea and start all over again. So for now, I’m giving myself a little break. It’s summer: time to put my feet up and read, read, read.”

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Anita Hughes author of Market Street

Reading now- ” I just finished ONE PLUS ONE by JoJo Moyes and absolutely loved it. It is about a single mother in England who drives her two children to Scotland so her daughter can compete in a Math Olympiad. Moyes is such a wonderful writer she surprised me with a very important plot point even though I knew it was coming. She creates such engaging characters that I got completely wrapped up in the story. It is the kind of book that I tell everyone to read because I can’t imagine anyone not liking it.”

Next up- “ I am so excited about two books coming out next week: THE FORTUNE HUNTER by Daisy Goodwin. I adored her previous book, THE AMERICAN HEIRESS, and this one looks every bit as good. And of course, I cannot wait to read Liane Moriarty’s LITTLE BIG LIES because she is the best.”

Working on- ” I have two books coming out next year, FRENCH COAST in April and ROME IN LOVE in August, so that is keeping me busy but I am writing a new manuscript.”

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Aaron Burch author of Backswing

Reading now- “Actually, nothing right now. I JUST got home from an 11-day reading tour road trip (on which we met at Franklin Park, on only day 2!), and so had no time to read anything. But, two weeks ago, waiting in a Panera for my road trip partner to pick me up, I finished Courtney Maum’s I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You, which was a super enjoyable, perfect summer read, and great way to lead into the tour, with getting to read with Courtney at aforementioned FP.”

Next up- “Matthew Gavin Frank’s Preparing the Ghost: An Essay Concerning the Giant Squid and Its First Photographer. Gonna dig in to it tonight! Feel like it’s subtitle pretty much sums it up.”

Working on- “A novel, of course. If so inclined, you can’t so much read an excerpt but some ‘notes’ for it on Barrelhouse’s “Professional Wrestling Online Issue”.

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Camille Noe Pagan author of The Art Of Forgetting

Reading now- ” I just finished Courtney Maum’s I AM HAVING SO MUCH FUN HERE WITHOUT YOU. Almost impossible to overstate how much I *loved* this smart, quirky story of a marriage come undone.”

Next up- “Sarah Jio’s GOODNIGHT JUNE, which I meant to read last month.”

Working on- “For my own work: I’m currently wrapping up a novel about a woman whose marriage implodes on the same day she receives a devastating diagnosis, and reacts by running off to a tiny island in the Caribbean only to find herself no farther from her problems than where she began.”

Camille’s site


Let me know which of these books you’re adding to YOUR TBR pile.

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