Robin’s Readers–First Installment, SNOW ISLAND

One person can only read so many books. And I read so many books. Robin’s Readers will share short reviews from readers whose reading tastes I hold in high bookish regard. Here is the first one from Eileen Austin (aka Aunt Eileen). When she isn’t reading, she might be tweeting!


Snow Island by Kathleen Towler

Snow Island is a love story of love, loss and promises broken. To this isolated island, visited twice a day from the mainland by ferry, the mysterious, reclusive George Tibbets returns each year to the twin houses his aunts owned and died in and where he grew up after he was orphaned. Intertwined with his story is the teenage life of Alice, a townie, who is trying to make sense of the death of her beloved father and the joy of her first, secret love. It is a touching, heartbreaking tale of love found and love lost. Reading this 10th anniversary edition I am thrilled that Kathleen Towler had written two more books that take place on Snow Island. I have already downloaded them on my kindle and am looking forward to reading them.

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