On Your Case by Lisa Green


Every woman I know is going to hear about On Your Case by Lisa Green because I am going to tell them all about it. Lisa is on a crusade to make sure women have the legal info that will allow them to sleep well at night. Law isn’t scary -not the way Lisa breaks it down. Like trusted girlfriend –On Your Case will be on your side.

To enter to win a copy of On Your Case please post in the comments below. When it comes to legal advice- what do you wish you had known sooner?

2 winners will be selected on Thursday, March 19th. US residents only.

8 thoughts on “On Your Case by Lisa Green

  1. Robin in NC says:

    That I really didn’t have to give up all rights to my exhusbands’ retirement, since we had been married 16 years!
    rw620 at aol dot com

    • robinkall says:

      Hi Robin -thanks for joining in. I’m sorry to hear about giving up your rights. This is just one of the things Lisa and I talked about and she goes over these topics in great detail in the book. You are entered to win. Best, Robin

  2. Greta Kahn says:

    That I could have kept my mom in her senior assisted housing, with help from medicaid, & not have put her in a nursing home.

  3. Book Club Cheerleader says:

    This sounds like a fab book! I’m donating my copy to the local Empower Yolo (formerly the Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Center) in my community. They have live legal counsel–but it will be good reading for many of our clients! Thanks, Robin!

  4. robinkall says:

    Thanks for this -great idea! This information is so needed and Lisa give it to us straight, easy to understand and with a sense of humor. Great reading! Thanks for passing it along!

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