Marisa de los Santos -The Precious One


Happy Pub Day Marisa de los Santos!! This show will air on Reading With Robin April 3rd but I just couldn’t help myself! So here it is ahead of showtime! Yeah -I can do that. Love Marisa and had the best time chatting all sorts of things from dogs, ladybugs and favorite books! Do NOT miss The Precious One -it even smells good 🙂

I have TWO copies to give away. To enter to win please leave a comment on this blog post about what’s most precious to you. (extra points for clever)

37 thoughts on “Marisa de los Santos -The Precious One

  1. Linda White says:

    Family is most precious to me as I get older they mean so much more.Treasure them especially your parents because as we get older so do they and we wont have then forever.

  2. Sally Goodman says:

    Love the lady bug.
    At my fathers funeral there were swarms of ladybugs at the cemetary. It was magical. He nurtured and shared our love of nature, Im quite sure he orchastrated this farewell.
    We are also a dog centric family and presently have two beautiful labradoodles who as long as it’s not too cold or warm they are eager to hop in the back of the car.
    Rickybobby and Georgie and 2 peas in a pod.
    Thank you for sharing the interview.

  3. Glenda S. Hefty says:

    Family is most precious to me, especially as I’m getting older. Both of my parents have been gone for a few years and only my husband’s mother is still around but is failing. So my brothers and sisters try to remain close although we are all scattered, escpecially the nieces and nephews. Social media is great for keeping up and the sibs that are fairly close around try to meet every couple of months with the next generation showing up as they are able. My husbands siblings aren’t quite as close knit which is sad. Also, I have twice been diagnosed with breast cancer, one kind over ten years ago and another kind just a few years ago. I have a good prognosis as they both were caught early, late stage one and stage two, respectively. That kind of scare is something to make one re-evaluate and really know your priorities!

    • robinkall says:

      Hi Glenda
      Family…absolutely. I am sorry about the loss of your parents. My sisters are like sisters to me..that’s what i always say. if they weren’t my sisters i’d pick them as friends. and social media is helpful to keep up and know what’s going on especially with geographical distance. Not all families place same value and don’t all get on the same. chemistry plays a roll and then you know..the “other”stuff. Thank goodness you are doing so well. Early detection is key and I do a lot of awareness and events around breast cancer awareness all year -not just in october. My dear mother died at 53 and we miss her every moment yet we keep her here with stories, good works and for me as well this book connection .She was a voracious reader and i cannot even imagine how much she would love all of this book stuff,radio,events. I do it all “with” her. Thanks for sharing..

  4. Susan Roberts says:

    I had a birthday last week and am now 67 years old. Because of my age, my health is very precious to me. In the last year, I have lost 150 pounds and started going to the gym. I know that the healthier I am, the more time I will have to spend with my family and friends. And they are what is the most precious.

    • robinkall says:

      Hi Susan, Happy Birthday!! That is awesome and also inspiring. The food challenges/weight are something I know quite a bit about. You must feel so fabulous!! You might need to be my winner based on this…in fact…You ARE!! please email and i’ll send you The Precious One 🙂

      • Susan Roberts says:

        Robin. My email keeps getting returned as undeliverable using that email address. here it is
        Susan Roberts. 5847 Dona Rd. Julian. NC. 27283

  5. Stephanie Burns says:

    Love, love, LOVE this interview (especially the dog talk!) and can’t wait to read the book. I love the way Marisa writes! My beagle/sidekick Riggins is most precious to me. He was rescued three and a half years ago and hasn’t left my side since! He is definitely a “car” dog and has been on many road trips with me. Steinbeck traveled with Charley, I ride with Riggs, and the adventures we’ve had on dolphin cruises and ghost tours will be precious memories to me forever!

    • robinkall says:

      Ah!! Thanks so much, Stephanie. So glad you enjoyed it! Yes -anytime i can loop in dog’s a huge win!! Rigging!! What a sweetie -please post a photo or two…Best, Robin

      • Stephanie Burns says:

        Thanks, Robin! He is the sweetest and I am so lucky to have him!! I’m not sure that the comment form will allow me to post a photo, but here’s one of his recent tweets! (Yes, he tweets. Usually when he’s on the road, but also when he has something to say, or when he’s wearing a spiffy bowtie.)

  6. anne says:

    My grandchildren and my children are the most precious and meaningful things on this earth. My health is precious as well since my breast cancer diagnosis in 2012 and recovery that what matters is life and health.

  7. Bonnie K. says:

    Considering we’re experiencing drought here in California, water is very precious to us. It’s frustrating when they have forecast for rain in our city and none came that I saw. I think we’ve entered year 5 of drought and they say that we have only about a year’s worth of water remaining. We need a bunch of rain dances.

  8. Heather Stewart says:

    Time to read is very precious to me. Teaching full time and keeping up with my husband and daughter don’t give me much of an opportunity to sit and enjoy a good book. I try to squeeze in reading whenever I can.

  9. hailsbells1991 says:

    What’s most precious to me are my three nephews: Devon, Colton, Nikolai (my best friend’s son who is my non-blood related sister) and my two nieces Grace and Jill. They always know how to bring me up when I’m feeling down, they amaze me with all the smart things they do and the things they can accomplish!

  10. Bube says:

    My parents,sister,brother,my three nephews – they are my precious,they are hearts in my heart 🙂
    And health,with health everything you can 🙂
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway 🙂

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