Liz AND Lisa!! Twice the fun with The Status Of All Things!


It’s always a great time chatting with Liz and Lisa and I could even tell them apart on-air! Best friends and writing partners with their latest – The Status Of All Things  another winning novel! Tune in to hear us talk about favorite books, status updates and other bookish things.

Win a copy of The Status Of All Things by posting a favorite status update below. It can be your own or someone else’s! Good luck!
Contest ends 7/1/15 US Residents only.


25 thoughts on “Liz AND Lisa!! Twice the fun with The Status Of All Things!

  1. Claudia says:

    My cousin finally married his girlfriend on Friday after being together for 15 years. They have two children. Everyone is still celebrating!

  2. blanchard1954 says:

    I had the nerves in my neck burned on Tuesday and I am starting to feel relief now. Next is my lumbar region to burn. Let’s hope for a great back recovery!! I am making American Chop Suey and reading The Lake House! xo

  3. Kathy LaMaster says:

    My favorite status update had to be when my son graduated from college! I couldn’t wait to post photos!

  4. Jennifer C says:

    We’re married!!!!! (My status update 6 years ago which Facebook sweetly reminded me of on our anniversary this year. :))

  5. Jennifer C says:

    We’re married!!!! Facebook reminded me of this update earlier this year on our anniversary through FB memories, and it took me right back. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  6. Melissa A says:

    One from last week that I posted after a conversation with my 4 year old:
    Little M says that if I have water play at work, it will be so much funner. Anyone else agree?

  7. Ruth Lyons Mazur says:

    i was diagnosed with breast cancer on May 21st. The good news of my status is that I’m going to have the uninvited critter kicked out of my body on July 7th when I have a double mastectomy with reconstruction. I shouldn’t have to have radiation or chemotherapy after. Ruth Lyons Mazur –

  8. kidisitor says:

    Haven’t been leaving many status updates lately, but scrolling through my past ones, I found this one, which still makes me want to slap myself. lol … “That ‘Doh!’ moment when you take your clothes out of the dryer, only to realize you didn’t add the soap pod to the wash cycle!”

  9. Bonnie K. says:

    I stayed up until 12:15 a.m. with my grandson. Kept rocking until he fell asleep. By the way, this is new today. So, I don’t have a favorite status update at this time.

  10. hailsbells1991 says:

    My favorite status update: 2 year anniversary at Mohegan Sun Casino and Resort and I’m still going strong! I’m so grateful for this job, especially in today’s economy.

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