An Evening With Authors 2014


An Evening With Authors Susan Jane Gilman, John Searles and Dani Shapiro was simply magical. People are still talking about it and the comments I have received are plentiful. Here are a few examples:

” So much fun! Wonderful combo of personalities. Thanks, Robin, for putting this fabulous evening together. It was my first, but won’t be my last!”

“Thank you for introducing me to three authors: Susan Jane Gilman, John Searles and Dani Shapiro whose books I had not had the pleasure of reading before, but with their delightful insight, humor and poignant description of their work I can not wait to start reading their work!!! Fabulous evening!!!”


“What a lovely, lovely, FUN evening! I had such a good time, and so did my friend Nancy. You hit it out of the park with this one. LOVED the authors and everything they said, and all the good questions. Still smiling this morning over how wonderful it all was!”

You can watch it here

Bank Square Books did a fabulous job selling books at the event and we were thrilled to be able to donate to The American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk on behalf of Love, Carol.

If you are interested in purchasing books to support this and other RWR causes please click the Bank Square Books link on my homepage and you will be directed to the shopping site. Happy Shopping!

**Save the date -next year’s will be Wednesday, October 7th and the fabulous line-up is all confirmed!**

The Land of Steady Habits – Ted Thompson

ted thompson

I am so excited to share The Land of Steady Habits with you!! This debut novel is filled with suburban angst and well developed characters.(my favorite kind of read)  You are in for a HUGE treat – a smart, funny, thought-provoking book with quotable lines. Pick this one for your next book club and invite Ted to join in via Skype. You’ll want to keep him on all evening. I should know, I could barely let him leave our conversation and wanted him to get back to book #2 at the same time. Can’t wait!!You’re welcome.

The Brown Reader-50 Writers Remember College Hill edited by Judy Sternlight

brown reader

One of Rhode Island’s many claims to fame is that it is the home of Brown University. This collection of essays celebrating Brown’s 250th year is a great read for anyone who

1. wants to learn a little bit about Brown -“back in the day”

2. enjoys reading essays from a stellar line-up of bestselling authors

3. wants to add new tidbits into their cocktail party repetroire

Enjoy… I did!




Ann Hood’s An Italian Wife

ann hood

Dubbed the “Alec Baldwin of Reading With Robin” today’s interview marks a really high number of visits to the program. I have been a fan of Ann’s since page 1 of Somewhere Off The Coast Of Maine. A friend to readers, authors and knitters everywhere. Ann’s latest – An Italian Wife will leave you hoping for a taste of Gogo’s (Ann’s mother) meatballs!